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Xiaonan Liu
Graduate Student

My research is concerned with memory encoding and retrieval processes and how these processes interact with working memory.

Ya Zhang (Katie)
Visiting Ph.D. Student
Psychology in Education
University of Pittsburgh

I am interested in memory modeling, visual spatial working memory and its underlying neural mechanism. I am also interested in statistical modeling of neural data.

Wenjun Yu (Selina)
Visiting Scholar

My research focuses on understanding visual working memory and its neural mechanism. Social-related cognitive processes are also in my interest.

Xing Xiao (Joey)
Visiting Faculty

Harold Dixon
Undergraduate Student

I primarily help with processing lab data and doing any organizational things that need to be done. I'm studying Cognitive Science and Human Computer Interaction, and I'm interested in media and its relationship with cognition.

Thomas Rasmussen
Undergraduate Student

I'm interested in all kinds of psychology, from neuroscience to personality and health psychology. I help out on both data collection and analysis.

Kennix Lee
Undergraduate Student

I’m a Psychology and Biological Sciences major. I’m interested in the mind-body phenomenon and health psychology. In the future, I want to go into medicine. I mostly help with data analysis and processing in the lab.

Sophia Wilhelmi
Undergraduate Student

I am interested in brain modeling and image analysis. Additionally, I am interested in neural interaction with sound and music. As such, I am a Computational Neuroscience major, minoring in Sound Design as part of the Integrative Design, Arts and Technology (IDeATe) program.

Brianna Hudock
Undergraduate Student